Joshua Wong denies ′pleading to Germany′ for Hong Kong intervention | News | DW | 03.07.2020
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Joshua Wong denies 'pleading to Germany' for Hong Kong intervention

Prominent Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong has denied telling a German newspaper that he "asked the German government to call out injustice" in the city. Wong said "the content of the report is inaccurate."

Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong on Friday denied asking for German intervention in Hong Kong, a day after German newspaper Bild published an interview quoting him saying this.

Under the terms of Beijing's controversial security law, which came into place on July 1, Wong's alleged statement could see him facing arrest.

According to Bild's report, Wong said:"I ask the German government: Look at what is happening in Hong Kong and call out the injustice." 

However, on Twitter Wong denied giving Bild an interview within the last week and said he did not use the word injustice (or Unrecht in German).

"I was told that I pleaded to the German government in a media interview,” the 23-year-old activist wrote. "Yet the content of that report is inaccurate as I didn't take Bild Zeitung interview in the past week."

"I appreciate every activist who is willing to risk their personal safety to speak up for HK," he added. "I believe accurate reporting is also one of the keys to defend freedoms in HK."

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Germany mulls response to Hong Kong security law: Niels Annen (SPD) speaks to DW

DW withdraws Wong article

DW is among the news outlets that published a story based on Bild's alleged interview, an article that has since been withdrawn.

Bild declined to comment when DW reached out to them.

In a separate May 22 interview with Wong published on the Bild website, Wong said "I appeal to the German government and Chancellor Merkel to stand with Hong Kong."

Wong stepped down from his role as leader of his pro-democracy group Demosisto when the group disbanded on Tuesday, amid fears that he would become a "prime target" of the law.

Critics say the law infringes on the human rights of those living in Hong Kong. Hundreds of protesters were arrested earlier in the week for participating in mostly-peaceful protests.

Under the controversial security law, anti-Beijing activists face jail time or fines. Another prominent pro-democracy activist, Nathan Law, fled Hong Kong on Wednesday. Wong and Law have been key figures in the pro-democracy protests that began one year ago.

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Hongkong activist Nathan Law speaks to DW

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