Jordan: Television for Children | Middle East/North Africa | DW | 18.06.2008
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Middle East/North Africa

Jordan: Television for Children

The most important rule in this course was that television for children should function at eye level with kids. It should be made for children and not about them.

A trainer speaks to participants

In cooperation with the Goethe Institute in Amman and partner broadcaster Jordan Radio & Television Corporation (JRTC), DW-AKADEMIE designed several successive modular courses.

The courses were taught in Germany as well as in Jordan. Journalists from Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Jordan and the Palestinian territories took part.

Why do we make television for children? What do we do we want to achieve with children? What do children want to see and how do they experience television? What must be produced for children and why must it be at their level?

Participants work on a laptop

Questions upon questions -- all of which are discussed and analyzed by participants with the help of films. Participants must also grapple with such technical aspects as film concepts, visualization of ideas and content, production plans, shooting plans, video editing concepts, narration and texts for children.

The participants then put the results of their discussions into practice and produce short magazine reports, starting with the initial research and ending with the voice-over. In this way, portraits of children emerge which help younger viewers to better understand new and different aspects of life.