#JoinIn unites lonely Christmas people online | News | DW | 25.12.2017
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#JoinIn unites lonely Christmas people online

If you're spending Christmas alone this year then #JoinIn could help. The campaign has been running for six years and helps people get through a day traditionally spent with family and friends.

An online campaign to help connect people who are spending Christmas alone entered its sixth year on Monday.

Lonely revelers posted to Twitter with the hashtag #JoinIn to connect with others. Comedian Sarah Millican started the campaign in 2011 to help people who were involuntarily alone.

"If you're alone and feeling lonely, follow the hashtag #joinin and start chatting with others there. Maybe tweet what you're up to: what you're eating, watching on telly etc," Millican wrote on Twitter.

"Think of others. Have good chats, kids. We're all here for each other."

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This year the campaign received a nod from Ed Miliband, MP and former leader of the Labour Party.

People used the hashtag to commiserate about the circumstances that led to their solitary Christmas.

Others used it to share images of their pets in various Christmas costumes.

People who were spending Christmas with family and friends also Tweeted to help share the joy and offer support.

And some people shared messages and images to keep people's spirits up.


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