Jeb Bush plans June trip to Germany, Poland, Estonia | News | DW | 20.04.2015
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Jeb Bush plans June trip to Germany, Poland, Estonia

Jeb Bush has announced he will make a trip to Europe in June. The trip will give the Florida Republican a chance to contrast his foreign policy vision with that of President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Likely Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush will visit Germany, Poland and Estonia in June, his office announced Monday.

It will be the first major foreign policy trip for Bush, who has not officially announced his candidacy for US president, but is considered the favorite of the Republican establishment.

The former governor is scheduled to address an economic conference of Germany's Christian Democratic Union (CDU) in Berlin. In Poland and Estonia, Bush will meet government, business and civic leaders.

"As these countries lead the way in Europe's economic recovery, and as they face fresh economic and security challenges, governor Bush looks forward to learning more about their unique perspectives and how America can best support its good friends and allies in the region," a Bush aide told news agency AFP.

First visit to Poland, Estonia

As the crisis in Ukraine continues to unfold, and as Eastern European nations continue to eye Russia with growing unease, the European trip will give Bush the chance to highlight his foreign policy differences with President Obama as well as Hillary Clinton, the favorite for the Democratic nomination.

Bush, who has called Russian President Vladimir Putin "a ruthless pragmatist," has been critical of Obama on foreign policy, calling the president "feckless" for not providing defensive equipment to Ukraine. The Republican has also called for the US to let Moscow know of its determination to protect the NATO alliance and its members.

The former governor has also questioned potential concessions by Obama to obtain a nuclear deal with Iran, as well as criticizing the president for attempting to normalize ties with Cuba.

Bush last visited Germany in 2011, making a trip to Frankfurt. The trip would be Bush's first to Poland and Estonia, according to his campaign.

bw/cmk (Reuters, AFP, dpa)

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