Jaron Lanier | Gutenberg in the Cyberstorm | DW | 17.12.2014
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Gutenberg in the Cyberstorm

Jaron Lanier

The author and Internet pioneer warns against manipulation through big data.

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Jaron Lanier on the value of the book

Residence: Berkeley, California

Occupation: IT specialist, composer, artist, author

Education: Took courses at New Mexico State University at the age of 13.

Books: "You Are Not a Gadget" (2010), "Who Owns the Future" (2013)

Award: Peace Prize of the German Book Trade 2014

Social media: None

On the value of the book: "The book has many values that I find to be incredibly precious. One thing about books is that they were very high-stakes expressions of an individual person because they are so hard to write. Books are a pain in the bud to write, so you have to make a commitment to write a book and that distinguishes them from a tweet or blog post."

On the future of the book: "I described it as water - so that could mean that it could be mashed up like a fluid with other books and have no nature at all anymore after the Internet is done with it."

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