Is the EU Constitution Doomed? | All of Deutsche Welle′s social media channels at a glance | DW | 31.05.2005
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Is the EU Constitution Doomed?

French voters on Sunday rejected a proposed EU constitution and the Dutch are likely to follow suit on Wednesday. DW-WORLD readers comment on the polls and share their views on the document.


The "nos" had it in France

Expecting the people of Europe to swallow this thick and largely not understood document which would be the basic law under which they would be ruled says two things to me. The first is the striking disconnect shown by the fact that the German legislature blasted the thing through with only two no votes as compared with the shocking result in France when people were allowed to decide the matter. The second thing is that before the elites in Brussels attempt to foist a constitution upon the populace again, they might consider a serious attempt at educating them on the specifics of matter and the ramifications that will result from its passage. People are not so dumb as some may think. -- Jerald Ronish

Now the French voted "no" it's still difficult, but I will be voting next Wednesday. After spending time reading parts (of the constitution) I decided for now to vote "no." This constitution is not good enough, too detailed, too big and too hard to change. But I'm very pro Europe and I like to see Europe to keep on growing. Therefore I really think they need to come up with better one. How else can we inspire other nations? -- Tomas, Amsterdam

It seems to me that both Germany and France have too much invested in each other to allow a "no" to the constitution to seriously affect their relationship. Maybe since the expansion of the Union to 25 countries, the election on behalf of the constitution came too soon for many. -- Damian Flanagan , Ireland and US

I feel that the EU does need a constitution. When problems arise there should be a constitution to guide toward settlement/solutions of those problems. The test of a real "European Union" will be the drafting and acceptance of the constitution by all the states involved. May that day be soon! -- Lyle Rasch

It may be too soon for a written constitution. Great Btitain existed for centuries without one. Something less, may be more suitable at this stage. -- D.Krane

The French people voted it down but the European elites who run the EU will simply resubmit it until they get the result they know to be best. We have already seen this before the election. -- Jerald Ronish

I think that a constitution that is 500 pages long is far too complicated and that only bureaucrats can translate it for the third estate. I would definitely vote "no." I think for once the French people had a choice and voted properly. -- Jerry Bennett

As a European I definitely would vote"yes," in favor of the constitution, because Europe is linked in many peaceful ways and this would strengthen that bond. Europe would have more influence world-wide and would become a counterpart to the US, a country which still believes too much in revenge on the personal, state, and world level. It might even prevent wars. To vote "no" mainly because I dislike Chirac seems very short-sighted. -- Elisabeth Heptner , US

Why weren't the German people also given a chance to vote in a referendum about the EU constitution. At least the people of France can have their own say in the matter rather than allow the politicians a free hand to create more 'jobs for the boys' and the people have to pay even more out of their taxes. We in Australia would probably be a republic today had the referendum we had a few years ago given us the people a chance to choose our own, preferably apolitical, president. But no, the government wanted to do the choosing. Germany has one of the fairest constitutions in the world, so it is really odd that they didn't have the courage to allow a referendum. -- Ann Jurrjens , Australia

Any constitution must be approved by the electorate. The German government denying its people the vote on such an important issue demonstrates its dictatorial concept of "democracy" and thereby its illegitimacy. -- Karl Kettler

The French "non" results will be most likely repeated in the Netherlands and Britain. Sadly, but the European leaders should realize that many just don't share their elitist ambitions. However, the rejection of the constitution should give pace to the concept of "multi-speed" Europe centered on "core European values," but where member states can join or refrain according to their respective interests. In the case of Germany, I hope the focus should be on an eastward expansion of German commercial, political and strategic interests. In particular, Germany should invest much effort to tighten relations with Russia and Turkey because these large neighbors have a direct impact on European security and prosperity. -- Atilla A. Iftikhar

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