Is Britain on course to leave the EU? | Europe| News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 22.01.2013
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Is Britain on course to leave the EU?

All eyes were on Britain as Prime Minister David Cameron outlined his vision for the future of Europe. Given his pledge of the in/out referendum, where does this leave the EU and Britain?

The United Kingdom joined the European Union 40 years ago - back in 1973. But over the past four decades, enthusiasm for the EU project has waned among the British electorate. Many Brits are worried that too much power is going to a corrupt, undemocratic, bureaucratic Brussels - and the crisis in the eurozone, and a large influx of immigrants, have added to their fears.

The current Conservative-led coaltion government under David Cameron wants to renegotiate its ties with Europe. But many on the right are calling for even more radical action, arguing that the UK should leave the EU entirely.

DW looks at the arguments on both sides and assesses the likelihood of Britain leaving the EU altogether.

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