Iran - A Journey through a Land of Contradictions | DocFilm | DW | 07.05.2019
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Iran - A Journey through a Land of Contradictions

Iran: wealth and a western lifestyle in Tehran, poverty and tradition in the Persian Gulf. Rock music and Koran schools in the holy city of Maschhad. People who love their country and yet have problems with it.

Watch video 42:36

Author Jörg Brase and his team spent four weeks travelling through a country full of contradictions. Feyzollah Haghighi is 78 years old and one of the great masters of the ancient Iranian art of carpet weaving. He says Iran is like a pomegranate: lovely and firm, bitter on the outside, sweet on the inside. Haghighi owns a pomegranate grove on the edge of Isfahan where he retreats to find peace. "When I see Iran today, 40 years after the Islamic Revolution," he says, "I get far too upset." "All the world thinks Iran is black veiled women and bearded mullahs," says 25-year-old Shaghayegh, "but Iran is also a modern, highly developed country full of young people who have dreams and want to live like other young people do." Shaghayegh finds a way to break out and conquer a piece of privacy in a country where public life is subject to strict rules. "For over 20 years I have been fighting to bring color back into the lives of Iranian women," says the famous fashion designer Mahla Zamani, "and I will win this fight." Many Iranians see their future in their homeland, even if the Islamic Republic of Iran often makes their lives harder. But giving up is not an option.