Intersex – Redefining Gender | Reporter - On Location | DW | 21.09.2019
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Intersex – Redefining Gender

Christian is intersex: neither totally female nor totally male. Just like 160,000 other people in Germany. As a child, Christian was operated to live as a girl. Now, he identifies as a man and wants to know how that fateful decision came to pass.

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Christian’s hobbies are fitness and motorcycling. He'd like to marry some day and have children of his own, but it's unlikely he ever will. As a congenitally intersex child, he underwent surgery and grew up as a girl. Today, he regrets that decision and places part of the blame on the surgeon. He contacted her, but the ensuing discussion was largely disappointing. Christian's parents blame themselves, but they still defend their decision back then, saying they had been ill advised. Either way, Christian still has to live with the consequences. A report by Franziska Ehrenfeld, Insa Rauscher and Hannah Reineke