Internships at Deutsche Welle | DW AKADEMIE | DW | 03.09.2014
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Internships at Deutsche Welle

If you are interested in an internship placement at Deutsche Welle, here are some important details to keep in mind.


For 2018 all internship placements are taken. You may apply again for 2019.


We are currently looking for a person with event management experience and basic journalistic knowledge who has to complete a mandatory university internship. Very good German and English skills are required. The tasks surround the participation of organizing an innovative networking event. Starting from October and lasting 3 to 6 months; located in Bonn. 


General requirements for interns:

  • you must be enrolled at least in your 3rd semester
  • you already gained working experience and have the necessary language skills for the preferred department
  • if you are living in Germany: you have a valid work permit

Your application (in German or English) must include: 

  • Letter of motivation stating your preferred time frame and department 
  • CV, if possible with a portrait picture, including your current address, birth date, place of birth, as well as your current status (student, graduate, scholarship holder, mandatory internship, etc.)
  • Students/ graduates: confirmation of enrollment relevant for the preferred time frame of the internship or your diploma/ certificates (for documents in foreign languages you must kindly send a certified translation in English or German for the authorities to accept them)
  • Published work samples (max. three)
  • Official language certificates (TOEFL, IELTS, etc), if the desired internship is in a foreign language department. A mere language course attendance certificate cannot be accepted - Basic German language knowledge is mandatory for most internships at DW. The language editorial departments require mother tongue language skills.
  • If applicable: a copy of your visa/residence or work permit (and the "Zusatzblatt")
  • If applicable: You may attach a recommendation letter, but only if it is explicitly relevant for this application

Kindly send all necessary information as one compiled PDF file to Thank you for your understanding that only complete applications, sent via mentioned email address can be accepted and taken into consideration.


General organisational information:

Internships placements at Deutschen Welle are generally possible in almost all areas and languages.

Our editorial departments create online multi media content in 30 languages in our offices in Bonn and our television productions are located in Berlin.

Internships at Deutsche Welle last between one to six months and start on the first working day of the month. We try to involve you as much as possible in the department’s daily routine. Taking on journalistic or editorial tasks depends on the journalistic experience you already have. Internships are temporary full-time employments which do not result in permanent future employment. Kindly note, that if you live outside of Germany, seperate conditions apply and therefore the administrative processes, after having received a positive answer, may take up to at least 2 to 3 months. 

Deutsche Welle internships are paid internships. The remuneration is defined in relation to your qualifications and starts at 310 Euros gross per month (excluding mandatory internships); subject to taxes and social security deductions. Before applying, kindly clarify, if you own sufficient financial resources in order to bear the costs of living (e.g. travel expenses, accommodation, broadcasting fees and, if applicable, social security fees, taxes and health insurance). Kindly note that interns are responsible for organizing a valid visa and are therefore required to supply neccessary documents and arrange appointments in advance. Interns are expected to organise their travel and living arrangements abroad autonomously. Therefore applicants should allow for sufficient time to research on living and working in Germany.





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