Internships and internship elective | Traineeship | DW | 17.09.2014
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Internships and internship elective

In total, you will get nine months of working experience in different DW departments. Together we will decide, which department is a good fit to showcase the trainees’ talents.

Where do the internships take place?

DW has offices in Bonn and Berlin. For the first 10 months, the trainees will intern at different online and radio departments in Bonn, e.g. culture, economics, science, sports. But they will also go to specific language departments, according to their language skills. 

After 10 months in Bonn, the trainees go different ways. Some spend two months in one of our foreign bureaus (Brussels, Moscow or Washington), others will intern with an outlet of their choosing outside DW. But everyone will spend at least four months in Berlin, practicing and polishing their TV-skills. Additionally, our traineeship offers an additional month with a partner radio station. 


What type of internship is the one at Deutschlandradio?

Deutschlandradio and DW have a cooperation where trainees can spend a month doing radio in Cologne. What is important to know is that to be able to intern there, you need to speak German level at least at a B2 level, according to the Common European Framework. Trainees, who don't speak German at that level will intern in a different department at DW in Bonn or have the chance to intern with our broadcasting partner SWR in Mainz.


How are the trainees sorted into the departments?

First of all, we try to place trainees in departments that match their interest. But of course we also have to consider which departments need help or have the resources to support a trainee. Another factor is language proficiency – which decides what language department trainees are placed in. 


Can the trainees decide in which foreign bureaus they want to intern?

One of the biggest highlights during the program is the internship in one of our foreign bureaus in Brussels, Moscow or Washington DC. Here we also consider language proficiency, which makes working in a country much easier. But that is not the only criteria we consider. During the stay in the foreign bureau, DW pays for travel and accommodation costs.


What is the internship elective?

We can offer many things during our 18 month-long program, but often an outside perspective is a great learning experience as well. That is why we allow our trainees to explore media outside the DW cosmos for one month. The trainees can decide independently what they want to do for their internship elective and where to spend it. The possibilities are endless. 

Unlike the work placement with the foreign bureaus, DW does not cover the costs for travel and accommodation during this elective. But trainees will continue to receive their monthly salary. 


Where can you do your internship elective?

You can decide independently where you want to spend it but of course we are happy to help the trainees. Some decide to do an internship abroad - with CNN, for example, a community radio station in Namibia, or an online media outlet in Colombia. Others lean towards the print media, press offices or the local news desks of public broadcasters.

Here are a few examples of places where former trainees have completed internships:


• Financial Times, London, UK

• funk, Mainz

• i24news, Tel Aviv, Israel

• Human Rights Watch Press Office, Berlin

• The Guardian, London, UK

• Goethe-Institut, Canada

• "11 Freunde" TV editorial team, Berlin

• Spiegel Online, Hamburg

• "Tagesschau" news team, WDR public broadcaster, Cologne

• Namibia Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), Namibia

Who pays the living costs in Bonn and Berlin?

The trainees have to pay for their own living expenses in Bonn and Berlin with their monthly salary. The initial salary is 1,846 euros. After six months, it increases to 2,024 euros. Then it increases to 2,123 euros for the final six months. It is important to know that this is the salary before tax. Every working person in Germany has to pay taxes. If you have to travel to cover a story for a department, DW covers the costs. When you intern in one of the foreign bureaus, DW also pays up to 750 euros for accommodations and covers your travel expenses.


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