Instructions on how to make a bird feeder | Euromaxx - DIY | DW | 16.03.2018
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Euromaxx - DIY

Instructions on how to make a bird feeder

Making a feeding place for birds with plastic plates and dishes is quite easy. Euromaxx - DIY will show you how you can do it yourself!

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DIY: A Birdfeeder You Can Build Yourself

You need

  • a plate and a bowl of hard plastic such as melamine
  • a 20cm-long threaded rod, which you can get from a DIY shop
  • four washers,
  • four nuts
  • and a drill



Drill a hole in the center of the bowl.

Press only lightly with the drill and take great care, because the plastic can split.

Now do the same with the plate, taking just as much care.


Take the threaded rod and push it through the hole in the bowl.

Fix the rod from above and below with a washer and nut.

You can also use plastic washers, which are especially suitable for melamine.


Now, take a washer and nut and screw it to the top end of the rod.

Put the plate upside down on top of it.

Fix it with another nut and washer.

And your bird feeder is ready!


If you’d prefer to hang it up, screw another nut onto the upper part of the threaded rod and fix a cord to it.

Now all you need is bird food and the birds can come!



Good to know

If you find the rooftop too boring, you can paint it with colourful strips or dots. 

Just remember to use waterproof paint

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