Inside Europe: Harpreet Kaur Paul on the things COP26 can′t fix | Media Center | DW | 07.11.2021

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Media Center

Inside Europe: Harpreet Kaur Paul on the things COP26 can't fix

What does climate justice mean on a planet where whole nations are disappearing under the waves whilst the top 1 percent continue to emit twice as much carbon as the poorest half of humanity combined?

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For countries at the sharp edge of the climate crisis, no issue is more important than that of finance. Twelve years ago, at the United Nations Climate Summit in Copenhagen, wealthy countries committed to providing 100 billion dollars a year to help poorer countries adapt as the planet heats. That promise has been long broken and, as Harpreet Kaur Paul, co-founder of Tipping Point UK and co-editor of Global Perspectives on a Green New Deal explains, lower income countries always regarded it as inadequate anyway.