Inside DW Akademie: Trainers′ symposium | Media Development | DW | 14.01.2013
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Media Development

Inside DW Akademie: Trainers' symposium

170 DW Akademie trainers and staff attended the trainers' symposium held in December. DW Akademie's reorientation and restructuring, as well as new digital learning formats, were the focus.

Director Gerda Meuer opened the symposium by looking back at 2012. "DW Akademie is now Germany's leading organization for international media development," she said, and DW Akademie's changing focus would result in even more effective projects.

Division heads Petra Berner and Carsten von Nahmen described the new focus and project planning strategy. Fewer but longer-term projects, they explained, would lead to more continuity. This was not about reinventing the Akademie, they said, but about continually developing it.

Also new in 2013 will be the integration of the International Institute of Journalism's (IIJ) projects. Previously part of the GIZ, Germany's Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, the IIJ is being merged with DW Akademie, said Gerda Meuer, in order to avoid parallel structures. Approximately 20 IIJ trainers attended the Bonn symposium.

Holger Hank heads the new DW Akademie Digital department. He presented the pilot project "Online Media Summit" (OMS), an online course for North African and Arab bloggers and citizen journalists. The course began in November 2012 with a new participatory learning concept and includes the use of video conferences, online material and all social media. A planned online training platform is to further expand DW Akademie's spectrum.