Innovative media activism in Egypt, Syria and Morocco | Program | DW | 13.04.2016
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Innovative media activism in Egypt, Syria and Morocco

Tuesday, June 14 / Room Bonn / 11.30 a.m.

An emerging third generation of media actors is trying to carve a niche in the Middle East and North Africa’s politically contentious and state-and-corporate dominated media landscape. Utilizing a participatory approach, the EED session seeks to shed light on the reality and challenges faced by three innovative media actors in Egypt, Syria and Morocco.

Topics covered in this workshop will range from exploring the notions of the right to image, which protects the dignity of victims of war and violations of human rights; emerging legislation threatening the seemingly democratic nature of the Internet (i.e. cyber-crime laws) and the rise of online civic participation forums which facilitate constructive dialogue between citizens and public institutions. This panel will be an opportunity to hear the stories of these media activists who are living and fighting for democracy under very difficult circumstances.

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