India: Fire at Mumbai building kills several residents | News | DW | 22.01.2022

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India: Fire at Mumbai building kills several residents

A major fire at a residential multistory building in India's financial capital killed at least six people and injured dozens of others. Authorities said an electrical short circuit was likely behind the deadly blaze.

Smoke rises from a building that caught fire in Mumbai, India, Saturday, January 22, 2022

The deadly fire reportedly started on the 15th floor of the building, before quickly spreading to the upper floors

At least six people died and several others were injured after a major fire broke out Saturday morning in a multistory residential building in Mumbai, officials said.

Some 25 people were injured in total, a police official from the affected area said. Out of those injured, at least 15 people are being treated in hospital, Ganesh Purnaik, a spokesperson for the city government, said.

The fire was likely caused by a short circuit in an air conditioner unit in one of the apartments, Mayor Kishori Pednekar said.

More than 90 people escaped their building either on their own or with assistance from neighbors, residents said.

Column of smoke

Residents said the fire began on the 15th floor of the 20-story building before spreading to the floors above, with black smoke quickly enveloping the building.

The Mumbai Fire Brigade categorized it as a Level 3 (major) fire. Officials said the fire broke out around 7:30 a.m. (0200 UTC) and was brought under control around 10 a.m.

Some of those hospitalized needed oxygen support because they faced breathing difficulties, Mayor Pednekar said.

At least four of those injured were in critical condition, police officer Saurabh Tripathi said. 

Fires are common in India, where building laws and safety norms are often flouted by builders and residents.

In May 2021, a fire killed 18 COVID-19 patientsat a hospital in a major city in western Gujarat state. In December 2018, a late-night fire in a Mumbai restaurant killed 15 people.

rm/rs (AP, dpa)

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