India bars Greenpeace from receiving foreign funding | News | DW | 04.09.2015
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India bars Greenpeace from receiving foreign funding

India has canceled a license allowing Greenpeace's Indian arm to collect money from overseas. The government says it has found holes in Greenpeace's balance sheet.

Greenpeace Indien Aktion Aktivismus Food Corporation FCI Banner Genmanipulation

Indian activists from Greenpeace ontop of a Food Corporation of India (FCI) building, New Delhi

The environmental group confirmed the news on Thursday. It was the latest in an ongoing battle between Greenpeace and Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government, which had already suspended the group's license in April

India also blocked Greenpeace's foreign funds as well as put a freeze on seven of íts bank accounts, accusing the NGO of violating rules governing international financial transactions.

The organization was accused of damaging the country's economic interests by campaigning against mining and nuclear projects.

"It is yet another attempt to silence campaigns for a more sustainable future and transparency in public processes," Vinuta Gopal, interim co-executive director at Greenpeace India, said in a statement late Thursday.

In May, a New Delhi court allowed Greenpeace to gather domestic donations, making it possible for the environmental organization to continue its work despite the restrictions.

Greenpeace Indien Aktion Aktivismus Meer Ozean Umweltverschmutzung

Greenpeace activists unfurled a banner reading: "India, Protect our oceans now."

The latest decision marks another setback for NGOs and foreign charities operating in India, after the country added the American-based Ford Foundation and Christian charity Caritas on a watch list.

Modi's government has canceled the foreign funding licenses of about 9,000 charities since imposing major sanctions in April.

dr/kms (AFP, Reuters)

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