Independence movements around Europe | Europe| News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 26.11.2012
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Independence movements around Europe

What do Catalalonia, Scotland and Flanders have in common? A desire for independence. Each has different grievances. DW takes a look at what's behind the various separtist movements in Europe.

The Spanish state of Catalonia might not be Spanish for much longer. Regional elections on Sunday handed almost two-thirds of the 135-seat local parliament on Sunday to four different Catalan separatist parties that all want to hold a referendum on secession from Spain.

Though the main separatist party lost seats, which will hinder any united drive to defy the central government in Madrid, the prospect of a sovereign Catalan state never looked more possible.

Separatism is in the air in Europe - Catalonia from Spain, the Flemish from Belgium, Scotland from Great Britain, and even Great Britain from the EU. DW takes a look at these movements.

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