In which country would you like to work? | Made in Germany | DW | 01.10.2013
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Made in Germany

In which country would you like to work?

Good career opportunities, better weather, more attractive countryside - there are many reasons to look for a job in another country. Have you ever thought about working abroad?

Ghana Flagge

Name: Eugene M.
Country: Ghana

I am very interested in working outside Ghana, getting more skills in developed countries but also a quieter hood. And definitely I would love to work in Demmin.

Flagge Indien

Name: Rahul J.
Country: India

I would love to work in Germany as I am a mechanical engineering student and planning to start up my own firm developing innovative products.

Oman Flagge

Name: Abdul W

Country: Oman

Everyone wants a good career and best opportunities, Some people prefer a higher salary, others better weather or an attractive country side. Those who prefer a higher salary without bothering about weather condition or country side is more beneficial for them. In my view if we like to have good career opportunities in other countries we should not look for other secondary things our aim should be a good salary and future career opportunities with abundant facilities is just enough without minding the attractive or beautiful countryside or better weather and so on, that is my experience and thought.

Ghana Flagge

Name: Kafui
Country: Ghana

As an individual who is very hard working and love to explore opportunities I am highly impressed by the programme and the many varied opportunities in Germany. I would love to live and work in Germany, even if it is on temporary basis.

Flagge Indien

Name: Rashmi S.
Country: India

I would like to work in Germany, as my heart revolves around Germany. It is culturally intact like India and full of vibes.