In Good Shape Special: Hair care products | In Good Shape - The Health Show | DW | 09.10.2012
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In Good Shape

In Good Shape Special: Hair care products

Dermatologist Yael Adler advises us on which substances really work for great hair.

Taking silica gel supplements strengthens hair shafts and increases volume.

Hair growth can be stimulated by applying solutions of minoxidil and melatonin.

Nutritional supplements for heathy hair and nails: kerstin, cystin, B vitamins, especially biotin (Vitamin B7), zinc, and panthenol (Vitamin B5) and nicainmaid (Vitamin B3).

Healthy hair requires a healthy thyroid, balanced sex hormones and sufficient iron. Extreme hair problems can be a sign of mineral deficiency or hormonal problems.

Dandruff and oily scalp remedies include shampoos containing ciclopirox olamine, ketoconazol, selena disulfides, zinc pyrithione

Shampoos containing coal tar help against dandruff.

Itchiness can be relieved by using shampoos or solutions containing polidocanol or cortison, Use shampoos with urea for dry scalp.

Chamomile combined with sunlight lighten hair due to flavonoids (colorants and antioxidants)

Beer makes hair stronger and fuller.

Splitends can be treated with jojoba oil, coconut oit, or shae butter, melted and diluted with water.