Identity.Culture.Diversity | Global Media Forum | DW | 17.07.2017
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Global Media Forum


hosted by Deutsche Welle

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Cultural and linguistic diversity, while stimulating respect for cultural identity, traditions and religions, is essential to the development of an Information Society based on the dialogue among cultures and regional and international cooperation. It is an important factor for sustainable development. We will discuss the influence of culture on diversity and identity.



Susanne Spröer - Moderator, Deutsche Welle, Germany


Andreas Görgen - Directorate-General for Culture and Communication, Federal Foreign Office, Germany

Nike Wagner - Artistic Director, Beethovenfest, Germany

Mai Khôi Do Nguyen - Singer and Songwriter, Vietnam

Khalid Albaih - Sudanese artist and political cartoonist, Qatar

Zodidi Jewel Gaseb - Artist, founder of African Naturals: events and natural hair products, Namibia

Takwa Barnosa - Artist, Libya

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