ICYMI: Feel-good stories from around the world | News | DW | 07.05.2021
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ICYMI: Feel-good stories from around the world

A new COVID-19 test is easier to handle, a nasty illness may soon go the way of smallpox and South African lions will soon be free. DW shows that not everything is doom and gloom.

Lions in captivity in South Africa

South Africa will end its captive lion industry, and outlaw the sale of their bones and 'canned hunting'

Kenya's Martha Koome to become first female chief justice

Martha Koome in Nairobi, Kenya

Martha Koome becomes the first woman to head any Kenyan branch of government

Martha Koome is set to become Kenya's first female chief justice after being selected by a judicial panel. She will be the first female head of any branch of Kenyan government.

A child of subsistence farmers, she has 33 years of legal experience. Koome represented political detainees, including former prime minister Raila Odinga when he protested against former President Daniel Arap Moi in the 1980s and 1990s.

She co-founded and chaired the Federation of Women Lawyers, which has campaigned for women's rights and offers free legal services for poor women.

Color ponds in the Dallol desert in Ethiopia

Lakes in Ethiopia and beyond may soon be completely free from Guinea worm

Cases of Guinea worm fell by 50% last year 

Just 27 human cases of the debilitating worm were reported in 2020, primarily in Ethiopia and Chad. That is a dramatic drop from 3.5 million cases 35 years ago, according to the Carter Center. The organization set up by former US President Jimmy Carter leads international eradication campaigns.

The former president said he hopes he livesto see the disease eradicated. The only other disease that has been fully eradicated was smallpox.

A community-based approach has been praised in its efforts for making the illness less pervasive. Where cases still popped up, community members came together to treat local ponds and provide safe drinking water.

"The end is in sight," said Carter Center's Guinea worm eradication program director Adam Weiss. "But we also have to be mindful that more research, more investment in the communities, is required to overcome some of the last-mile challenges."

COVID-19 test in Nepal

Don't make that face! A new COVID test will be as easy as sucking on a (flavorless) lolipop

Austria develops 'lollipop' COVID tests for children

Austria has come up with a COVID-19 test for children which is far less invasive and frightening than the long nose swab.

A test that looks like a small lollipop has been distributed to some kindergartens in the country. Kids will suck on the end for 90 seconds before the test is placed in a container. It takes 15 minutes to see the results from there.

Alas, the test does not come in any flavor. But it is far more comfortable for kids, especially as kindergartens prepare to re-open in the country.

Lion in South Africa

Lions will soon roam free in South Africa

South Africa to end captive lion breeding, bone trade

South Africa said Sunday that it would end its captive lion breeding industry, in a move that would effectively end the world's legal lion bone trade.

Conservationists said that lions were kept in unhealthy and unethical conditions due to the industry. The new policy prohibits keeping and breeding lions in captivity, and using any parts of captive lions for commercial reasons.

South Africa has anywhere between 8,000 and 12,000 lions in captivity according to various government and wildlife organizations. Some are kept on places with "canned hunting" where lions are kept in captivity but in small enclosures to make it easier for hunters to kill them. The new provision will end that activity as well.

"If your mandate was that you want to shoot a lion in an easy way, with not so much effort, then South Africa was your number one destination," said Neil Greenwood of the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

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South Africa to ban lion breeding in captivity