Husseini, Rana | Speakers | DW | 03.05.2011
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Husseini, Rana

Journalist and author


Rana Husseini is a Jordanian journalist writing for The Jordan Times. Her coverage of, and dedication to, ending the unjustified practice against women of so-called honor crimes helped raise national awareness on a topic that was traditionally considered taboo. The government responded by introducing legal and judicial changes that suggest tougher punishments for perpetrators of such crimes. Husseini is the author of a book entitled "Murder in the name of honour" that aims at providing people with a credible source based on real-life experience and tackling a sensitive issue which is often susceptible to misconception. Husseini has earned nine local and international awards, including a medal from HM King Abdullah II in 2007, for reporting on such crimes.

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