Hungarian premier proposes close ally as president | News | DW | 16.04.2012
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Hungarian premier proposes close ally as president

Hungary's premier has nominated a close ally to be president. Janos Ader is almost certain to be confirmed by parliament, since his party holds a two-thirds majority there.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban and leaders of his right-of-center Fidesz party on Monday backed Ader to become president.

"Ader is somebody who will be able to ensure security and predictability," said Fidesz party whip Janos Lazar, adding that Ader had the support of the entire party.

He is expected to be voted into office by parliament on May 2. His election almost guaranteed in view of the two-thirds majority Fidesz holds.

Ader, 52, is a lawyer and member of the European Parliament. Like Orban, he was one of the founders of Fidesz. He served as parliamentary speaker from 1998 to 2002 and as Fidesz parliamentary whip, when the party was in opposition.

The previous president, Pal Schmitt, who was also selected by Orban, resigned earlier this month after it became clear that parts of his doctoral thesis were plagiarized.

Hungarian presidents are elected for five years and may serve a maximum of two terms.

ncy/ipj (dpa, AFP, Reuters)