Hotel prices rise in Berlin for New Year′s Eve | DW Travel | DW | 07.12.2018
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Hotel prices rise in Berlin for New Year's Eve

Whoever wants to celebrate the turn of the year in the German capital has to pay an average of 68 percent more than usual for an overnight stay in a hotel room. This is the most expensive in Germany.

According to a study by the comparison portal Check24, a hotel room in Berlin costs an average of 175 euros on New Year's Eve, which is 68 percent more than the average. Prices in other European cities are also rising at the turn of the year. In 19 of the 21 cities surveyed, hotel rooms cost more than the usual December average. The price increase amounts to 34 percent.

Prague is in the lead with an average price of 292 euros for a hotel room. This is more than twice as much as the average price level in December (141 euros) and 107 percent more than the average.

On New Year's Eve, visitors spend the cheapest nights in the Main metropolis Frankfurt (95 euros per night) and in the Polish capital Warsaw (101 euros per night). Prices in Stockholm and Stuttgart, on the other hand, remain constant in comparison to the December average.

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