Homes made of waste in Guatemala | Global Ideas | DW | 28.08.2012
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Global Ideas

Homes made of waste in Guatemala

A garbage truck at work on the streets of Guatemala +++Atitlan e.v./Jürgen Katt+++ -------------------------------------------------------- Jürgen Katt vom Atitlan e.V. begann 1990 ausrangierte, deutsche Müllwagen nach Guatemala zu bringen, um dort ein Müllentsorgungssystem aufzubauen. Atitlan e.V. setzt sich für den Schutz des Atitlansee ein. Weite Infos:

A garbage truck on the go

Old tires, glass bottles and plastics might be considered useless in some parts of the world, but in others, they’re valuable building materials. An NGO in Guatemala called Long Way Home inspires volunteers to build sustainable, green homes, and even pay for them! The small town of San Juan is now home to energy self-sufficient schools and homes based on a revolutionary recycling concept.