HIV/AIDS - Preventing the Scourge | Learning by Ear | DW | 17.10.2008
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Learning by Ear

HIV/AIDS - Preventing the Scourge

Listeners' reactions

"The program about HIV/AIDS really opened my eyes to how we live, how we treat girls and the problems that can crop up when we cheat on them sometimes. And the traps that girls can sometimes fall into. I don’t think it’s good that it is already considered normal. The actors in Learning by Ear have great voices – it’s almost like watching a film. I hope that there will be programs in the future that directly tackle the problems faced by young people here in Kenya."

(Dennis Donga, Kenya)

"I would like to congratulate the author of the series on HIV/AIDS because it really gets to the heart of our society’s problems. Even though condoms are now being handed out en masse to prevent pregnancies and illnesses, people still aren’t using them. I believe that many people are learning from this radio play and benefit from what they hear."

(Saleh Mchiro, Kenya)

"Whenever I listen to Deutsche Welle and in particular this new program for young people, I always think about how I can change my behavior to protect myself from HIV. And now I can inform others who do not know about HIV/AIDS. This gives them the knowledge to protect themselves against this dangerous disease that is still killing people throughout the world - and especially in Africa."

(Arnold Mushuti, Tanzania)

"First of all I want to thank Deutsche Welle for the hard work of preparing youth programs of Learning by Ear in order to teach youth about HIV-Aids. This program helps me also to get more ideas about HIV and how to protect myself against the disease. I am sure that any boy and any girl who listens to this program will be able to protect themselves from this disease."

( Ester Gasau, Kagera Region, Tanzania)

"When I listen to the Learning by Ear serie HIV-Aids I am able to give other youths information about this killer disease known as HIV-Aids, because this disease is killing many youths. Therefore I am taking this opportunity to educate my fellow youths in order to avoid the disease."

( Christian Richard, Buleba District, Tanzania)

"I really like the radio dramas, especially the one about the young girl Angela. These sorts of things also happen here in Guinea-Bissau. Mothers are scared about talking to their daughters about sexuality. They learn about sex on the street and are accordingly ill -informed. I believe that good information is one way of fighting AIDS – and that is what you are doing. Thank you for your work; it is not going unnoticed."

(Diamantino Maria da Silva, Guinea-Bissau)

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