HIV/AIDS - Preventing the Scourge | Learning by Ear | DW | 17.10.2008

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Learning by Ear

HIV/AIDS - Preventing the Scourge

The latest news about HIV and AIDS is good news for Africa. Infection rates are declining in some of the countries that have been hit worst by the epidemic.

However, these rates are still higher than anywhere else in the world. Almost 70 percent of all HIV-infected persons worldwide live in Africa.
According to the United Nations, almost 2 million Africans contract the virus every year. Public awareness campaigns are underway in many countries – but myths about HIV and AIDS die hard. For example, some men still insist that they can protect themselves by taking hot showers after intercourse.

Fear of rejection

Living with the stigma of an HIV infection still remains a major challenge. Many people who are HIV positive keep their status a secret because they fear rejection from their families and friends. But an HIV infection is no longer a death sentence: Antiretroviral drugs help many of those who are HIV positive to live a long and fulfilling life.

Learning by Ear

One of the goals of the Learning by Ear project is to put an end to the lack of knowledge about HIV and AIDS. Our shows take a look at the risks of contracting HIV and how to prevent it. They will provide listeners with insightful information on how to live with HIV and how to live with people who are infected. But anyone expecting on-air theoretical lessons will be surprised – Learning by Ear is both informative and entertaining.

Learning by Ear is supported by Germany’s Federal Foreign Office.

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