′Heroes′ to ′Zeroes′ - Ann Sophie takes Eurovision defeat in good humor | News | DW | 24.05.2015
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'Heroes' to 'Zeroes' - Ann Sophie takes Eurovision defeat in good humor

She may have scored zero points for Germany at Eurovision, but singer Ann Sophie is taking the defeat in her stride. Her tongue-in-cheek attitude has won her plenty of points with fans on social media.

As many in Europe spent Sunday recovering from the excitement of the Eurovision Song Contest finale, Germany's representative took to social media to react to the result - and reassure fans the defeat wouldn't be getting to her.

The 24-year-old singer from Hamburg sent a cheeky Twitter message to her more than 4,400 followers expressing her thoughts on finishing in last place with her song "Black Smoke."

She also uploaded a 15-second video to her official Facebook page, in which she and four back-up singers performed their interpretation of Swedish winner Mans Zemerlow's song "Heroes," replacing the "H" with a "Z" to reflect Germany's final score in the 27-nation finale.

"I am not sad, this only makes me stronger," Ann Sophie wrote in a post accompanying the video, in which she congratulated Zemerlow, adding "I will keep working, keep making music and doing what I love."

Ann Sophie was thrown into the limelight in March when the winner of Germany's heats, Andreas Kümmert, shocked the audience by saying he didn't want to take part in the final in Vienna. As runner-up, she was sent instead.

As German media and commentators analyzed the viewing statistics, intricacies of the voting process and possible reasons for the low score, supporters of Ann Sophie also took to social media to commend her. Overwhelmingly, they complimented her on her polished performance and good-natured reaction to defeat, saying the result wasn't what she deserved.