Here′s to the New DW-WORLD.DE | INFO & SERVICE | DW | 16.10.2005
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Here's to the New DW-WORLD.DE

For the first time since 2001, DW-WORLD.DE, Deutsche Welle's Internet presence, has a fresh, compact, new look.


Celebrating DW-WORLD.DE's new design

"DW-WORLD.DE's modified appearance is the result of usability tests that we preformed to optimize the site," said Online Editor-in-Chief Guido Baumhauer referring to a series of tests that tracked users' eye movement across the screen. "Our new design presents more information right away, there's also a new search function and more information from DW-RADIO and DW-TV across the site."

There are even more improvements in store for regular users as DW-WORLD continues adding features over the coming months, Baumhauer emphasized.

"This is really just a transitional stop," he said. "An improved newsletter system and more downloadable audio and video are already in the works."

New technology speeds up delivery

But the biggest changes are the ones you can't see right away. Deutsche Welle's technicians streamlined and modernized the entire site's programming to speed up transfers and cut loading times.

"One of the most important goals of the alterations to our 30-language presence was to make sure readers could call up the pages they wanted faster," Baumhauer said.

Improved accessibility

Barrier-free accessibility is another improvement that makes reading DW-WORLD.DE much easier for the sight-impaired.

"We're sure that our users are going to be happy with the new changes," Baumhauer said. "We're hoping that lots of them will send e-mails and let us know what they think."

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