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DW Her – Women in Asia Program Guide Themenheader


Women in Asia

DW Her – Women in Asia | Season 2 Folge 6 My Roots

Latest edition

My Roots

What role do traditions play in women’s lives? Is it important to move away from one's roots to lead an independent, self-determined life? Or is it more that the roots themselves provide a secure basis to move ahead? Three women from different Asian countries share their stories on what roots and tradition mean to them.

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Broadcast times

  • 11.08.2022 | 06:15 on DW Deutsch+‎
  • 10.08.2022 | 16:45 on DW English‎
  • 10.08.2022 | 23:15 on DW English‎
  • 11.08.2022 | 06:15 on DW English‎
  • 11.08.2022 | 13:45 on DW English‎