Hengstmann, Dr. Reiner | Speakers | DW | 22.05.2013
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Hengstmann, Dr. Reiner

Global Director, PUMA Safe Supply Chain and Member of the Board, World Cat Ltd., Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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Reiner Hengstmann was born in 1962 in Germany. He finished his university education at the University of Paderborn with a Ph.D. in chemical science. He has been the Global Director PUMA.Safe Supply Chain since 2010. He oversees a team of 23 people responsible for environmental and social issues for suppliers worldwide and leads the PUMA.Safe program, through which the company aims to reduce its carbon footprint, facilitate the development of sustainable products and raise work and production standards globally. Hengstmann is also responsible for the development, communication and implementation of environment-related duties in the company and along PUMA’s worldwide supply chain. Prior to his current role, Hengstmann was PUMA's Global Head Environmental and Social Affairs from 1999 - 2009.

His previous positions include director of the "Chemisches Labor Dr. Weßling Ltd." in Germany, where he was responsible for the environmental analysis of air, soil and water (1991-1995); scientist at the University of Nuernberg-Erlangen, covering environment and recycling technologies (1995-1996); and director of The Research and Development Centre for Hazardous Waste in Germany (1996-1997). From 1998-1999 he completed additional studies at the University of Marketing and Sales, ATV Nürnberg.

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