Hanover bank manager admits heist on own branch | News | DW | 02.05.2017
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Hanover bank manager admits heist on own branch

The bank manager and another employee in the northern city of Hanover admitted robbing their own bank. The two used the loot to buy sports cars, a court was told.

A 32-year-old bank manager in the German city of Hanover admitted to a court on Tuesday that he organized a heist last year at the local branch of Santander that he ran.

A court spokesperson said an accomplice who worked at the bank also admitted to the robbery of 467,500 euros ($510,000) last June.

On the instructions of the bank manager, the accomplice threatened a third bank employee not involved in the robbery with a gun and forced him to open a safe. The bank manager looked on and pretended to be a victim.

The two men then used the stolen money to buy sports cars and planned to buy apartments and expensive wristwatches, a court spokesperson said.

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