Hannes Sjoblad | Global Media Forum | DW | 22.05.2017
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Global Media Forum

Hannes Sjoblad

Meet one of the founders of Swedish biohacker association.

Being curious about experimenting with inbody technology that explores what the human body is fundamentally capable of doing in the future, Sjoblad works on democratizing public access to powerful biotechnologies. He co-founded BioNyfiken, a non-profit organization that gathers together biohackers, DIY-biologists, bodyhackers, citizen scientists and self-enthusiasts in Sweden. The association works on implant projects that aim to help develop new generations of implants with wider capabilities that make everyday activities easier and simpler.

Sjoblad, who has also implanted a chip under the skin in his hand, points out that now is the time to put chips in humans after almost 20 years of being put in animals. This Swedish cyborg with an easy going style of communication is also a popular speaker and business advisor on tech trends.