Handelsblatt Acquires Stake in Bulgarian Newspapers | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 10.01.2005
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Handelsblatt Acquires Stake in Bulgarian Newspapers

German publishing group Handelsblatt has acquired a 50 percent stake in the Bulgarian newspapers Capital and Dnevnik, the newspapers announced Monday. "The deal was finalized last week after three years of cooperation with the biggest German group of business media," Dnevnik wrote. Handelsblatt acquired the two newspapers through a 50 percent stake in their Bulgarian publisher, Economedia. Before last week's deal Economedia was a subsidiary of the Bulgarian Agency for Investment Information (AII), which still retains the other 50 percent in the two newspapers. According to Dnevnik, the acquisition is the fourth "east European" undertaken by Handelsblatt, following ventures in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Serbia.

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