Hamburg: a city of superlatives | DW Travel | DW | 15.03.2011
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Hamburg: a city of superlatives

Hamburg is a city with many faces: It has a wild entertainment district, the most millionaires in Germany, the biggest warehouses and the country’s largest seaport.

Hamburg harbor

Hamburg harbor has been the heart of the city for centuries

Hamburg harbor has been the beating heart of the city for more than 800 years. Visitors can find out more about it on a guided boat tour. If you're just interested in watching the ships, head for the Schulau Ferry Station, where every ship is greeted and sent on its way with its national anthem.

Another popular destination for visitors to Hamburg is the St. Pauli district. Every Sunday morning, night owls and early birds meet up at the city's famous fish market to enjoy the performances of fishmongers hawking their wares. St. Pauli is also known for the Reeperbahn, a boulevard of bars and dance clubs and one of Germany's best-known night-time hotspots.

In the center of town, visitors can check out Hamburg's many stately villas, reminiscent of the past in a city that was never ruled by a king. Built in 1897, the Hamburg town hall is considered a model parliamentary building. Also impressive is the Old Exchange building, where Hamburg merchants created Germany's very first commercial bourse in 1558.

Cartoonist Calle Claus loves Hamburg's less conventional sides. Click on the video below to join him on a tour of his city. He'll show you the Schanzenviertel quarter, the "Saal II" bar, and FC St. Pauli's Millerntor soccer stadium.

Text: DW-TV

Editor: Kate Bowen

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