Gunman who shot three near Zurich mosque is killed | News | DW | 19.12.2016
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Gunman who shot three near Zurich mosque is killed

A shooting at a mosque in Zurich, Switzerland, has injured three people, two of them seriously. The gunman, approximately 30 years old, has been shot dead.

A gunman who opened fire on about a dozen worshippers inside the prayer hall of a mosque in the Swiss city of Zurich Monday evening has been shot dead after fleeing the scene.

"The dead man found around 300 metres (yards) from the scene of the crime after the shooting in the mosque is the suspect," a statement on a police website said.

Police had initially refused to say if the body, found under a nearby bridge, was linked to the shooting.

A prayer service was scheduled for 4:45 p.m. local time Monday and the shooting took place at about 5:30 p.m.. The injured, three people aged 30, 35 and 56, were taken to a local hospital after the shooting.

Initially, there were conflicting reports over whether the shooting took place in the prayer hall or outside, with local media and a Zurich police official saying the shooting took place outside near the intersection of the streets Militärstrasse and Eisgasse.

Hunting the suspect

Police sealed off the area and began hunting for the suspect. Authorities say they have identified the gunman, but have not released his name, saying only that he was about 30 years old. More details are expected early in the afternoon when officials hold a press conference

After the shooting, the suspect fled in the direction of the central train station.

"The city and cantonal police immediately launched a major search for the unknown perpetrator," read the statement.

 The mosque is frequented largely by immigrants from North Africa, Eritrea and Somalia.

kbd,bik/cmk, tj (AFP, AP, Reuters)


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