Guinea Fowl in Chocolate Sauce | Poultry | DW | 22.07.2005
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Guinea Fowl in Chocolate Sauce

Instead of a high-class restaurant, Claus Himburg offers his dishes at a staff cafeteria in Heidelberg. The lunch break is a delight for workers.


The European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Heidelberg is one of the world's leading research institutions in its field. Researchers here come from all over the world. The institution offers an unusual highlight: the staff cafeteria. Since his arrival eleven years ago, Chef Claus Himburg has turned it into a gourmet paradise. In addition to standard dishes, the menu boasts a broad range of culinary delights, such as lobster, filled quail and sushi, all for less than ten euros each. The unusual cafeteria concept has attracted the interest of other institutions, including Harvard University. Claus Himburg has worked at many restaurants all over the world, from the Oslo Yacht Club to the Hong Kong Hilton. In Baden-Baden, Germany he managed his own celebrity restaurant, the Molkenkur. Although Himburg's current position is not as stressful, he continues to do his best to meet the demands of gourmets.

Guinea Fowl in Chocolate Sauce

Season the meat with salt and pepper and then fry it slowly in a pan on low heat. In the meantime, mix
100 grams of dark chocolate with
100 millilitres of balsamic vinegar and
100 grams of sugar.

Allow it to simmer for about five minutes. Add some salt and vegetable stock. Cut some asparagus into strips and fry it together with the guinea fowl. Finally add some boiled noodles.

Bon appetit!

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