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Guinea coup leader plans shift to civilian rule

May 1, 2022

Mamady Doumbouya has said it will take 39 months to shift back to civilian rule. The junta leader seized power in a coup in September.

Guinea's coup leader Mamady Doumbouya
The leader of Guinea's military junta, Mamady Doumbouya, says the transition towards civilian leadership will take place over 39 monthsImage: Xinhua/imago images

The leader of Guinea's military junta said it could be more than three years before the country reverts back to civilian rule.

Mamady Doumbouya, who is leader of the West African nation's army, said during a televised address that the government transition to civilian leadership would take place over a period of 39 months. 

It is the first time he has proposed a timeline since taking control in a coup in September 2021

Junta at risk of more sanctions

Doumbouya said that the timeline was the "median proposal" and had been decided upon after "consultations taken at all levels." These meetings were boycotted by the country's major political parties.

The announcement is unlikely to sit well with the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) which had given a deadline of April 25 to provide an "acceptable transition timetable" to civilian rule, failing which economic and financial sanctions would immediately be applied.

Guinea's junta leaders are currently under sanctions, and the regional bloc has yet to comment on the latest development.

The military dissolved the government and other institutions following last year's overthrow of former President Alpha Conde.

Conde had enacted constitutional reforms in 2020 which paved the way for a third term in office later that year.

The former president was accused of corruption and human rights violations and had seen waning popularity.

Doumbouya's proposal is now set to be passed to the National Transition Council, an interim decision-making body established following the coup.

There has been a spate of coups in West African states since a military takeover in Mali in 2020.

UN chief Antonio Guterres on Sunday called on the military juntas in Burkina Faso, Guinea and Mali to transfer power back to civilians as soon a possible.

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