Government wanted – How weak is Merkel? | Quadriga - International Debate from Berlin | DW | 08.02.2018
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Government wanted – How weak is Merkel?

For months, Angela Merkel has been trying to forge a new government. Is a new coalition finally in the making? Or has Chancellor Merkel lost her touch? Guests: Alan Posener (Welt), Charlotte Potts (DW), Job Janssen (freelance journalist).

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Our guests:

Charlotte Potts works for DW and for ZDF. She says: “These past months have been one grand disaster for Angela Merkel - she might be down, but not out.”




Alan Posener is a commentator for the daily newspaper “Die Welt”.  He says: “If Merkel's Grand Coalition holds, she will be the strongest politician in the West, which isn't saying much. However, the SPD rank and file could still put a spanner in the works by voting against the coalition. Then Merkel would be the weakest politician in the West.”


Job Janssen is a dutch journalist and a political analyst who also worked for the election campaign of the socialdemocrats in Germany and in the Netherlands. He says: "This continuation of Grand Coalition politics might lead to stability and progress in Europe, but also to growing polarisation within Germany."