Goodbye Yellow Sea, Hello Black Forest | DocFilm | DW | 17.10.2019
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Goodbye Yellow Sea, Hello Black Forest

Xu Qing is training as a geriatric nurse in the Black Forest. The 23 year old Chinese woman encounters people in the last stages of their lives, a stern boss and endless sausage sandwiches. The film follows her through three eventful years.

Watch video 42:36

Xu Qing never left her homeland before and is eager to see the world. The offer to train as a geriatric nurse in Germany is just what she is looking for. But when she arrives in the Black Forest, she experiences a culture clash between two entirely different worlds and disillusionment sets in. While Qing is still wondering why Germans insist on eating bread with cold meat every day, her employer expects her to integrate quickly. Homesickness, the language barrier - there's no time for anything like that. But at least Qing can share her problems with three other Chinese women. Cooking together and Chinese dumplings can do wonders. For senior citizens in the Black Forest, the 'nimble Chinese girl' has meanwhile become a welcome change to everyday life at home, especially for Frau Wohlfahrt. She attributes Qing's intelligence to a diet of fish eyes. And the 100-year-old, always in a good mood, Mr. Reiner becomes her mentor...almost an ersatz grandfather. We spend three years with Qing, starting with her last days in China, and watch her struggle, start to settle in and mature. A film about leaving home, wandering between worlds and finding your own way in life.