Golden age of ocean travel celebrated at London museum | DW Travel | DW | 02.02.2018
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Golden age of ocean travel celebrated at London museum

Engineering, fashion, nostalgia: London's decorative arts and design museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, hosts a major exhibition on ocean liners that includes relics from the Titanic.

The "Ocean Liners: Speed and Style" exhibit is billed as the first ever to explore the design and cultural impact of the great passenger ships that linked the United States and Europe.

Most notable among its 250 showcased pieces is a diamond-and-pearl Cartier tiara saved from the ship Lusitania in 1915, as well as a panel fragment from the Titanic's first-class lounge.

Ocean Liners: Geschwindigkeits- und Stilausstellung (picture-alliance/ZUMAPRESS/R. Tang)

A set of Luggage owned by the Duke of Windsor

There is also an Art Deco interior panel from the famed French liner Normandie. Director Tristram Hunt said the museum has been collecting ship-related objects for more than a century.

The exhibition goes beyond the ships to look into the lives of famous passengers such as Marlene Dietrich and Elizabeth Taylor. It also examines the work of artists, designers and architects inspired by the ocean liner look.

The exhibition opens Saturday (February 3) and will run until June 10.

fm/ks (AP)