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Trash – A problem to be avoided!

Our mountains of trash are growing. Refuse is a hazard to the environment. We need a new strategy.  

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Global Ideas | Infofilm Müll

Trash – A problem to be avoided!

DW Infofilm Indigene Völker - Pfeiffen

Could Indigenous peoples help save our planet?

GI Infofilm Saatgut

Seed diversity under threat globally

DW Global Ideas Infofilm Habitatverlust

Habitat loss: Addressing a global problem

Graphic showing products which contain palm oil

How the world got addicted to palm oil

Global Ideas Zukunftsessen

How will our diets change in the future?


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About Global Ideas

At Global Ideas, we focus on "best practice" climate and biodiversity protection projects that offer solutions and inspire others to take action. Each week, an international team of television and online reporters produce films and features that offer an insight into how developing and emerging countries are dealing with the impacts of climate change. Global Ideas is supported by the German environment ministry within the framework of its International Climate Initiative.