Global Family | TV | DW | 29.11.2018
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Global Family

A family torn apart by the brutal civil war in Somalia, scattered all over the world. A fate shared by countless refugee families.

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Trailer: Global Family

"Global Family" explores existential questions about what it means to leave a home and make a new one.

Imra is in her 80s. The eldest member of the family, she has been living in exile in Ethiopia. But now she has to leave. Her family has to find a solution quickly. Where should Imra go? Other members of the family are making new homes for themselves far away in Germany.

Imra's eldest son Shash, the former captain of the Somali national football team and as famous there as Franz Beckenbauer in Germany, is one of many refugees who live in the Tannenbusch neighborhood in Bonn. Together with his daughter Yasmin, he’s trying to bring his mother to Germany, so that at least some of family can be reunited. But he faces objections both within his own family and from the authorities.

An international family drama, "Global Family" is a topical film set against a backdrop of the political discussion in Germany about family reunification of refugees.


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