Germany′s largest winter sports region | Discover Germany | DW | 30.01.2016
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Discover Germany

Germany's largest winter sports region

Breathtaking downhill slopes, relaxed family-friendly pistes, stunning cross-country trails, seemingly endless toboggan runs - the Allgäu has something to suit everyone.

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Bad Hindelang

Bad Hindelang

The ski area around the resort of Oberstdorf is the highest in the region. From Mount Nebelhorn you can ski 7.5 meters down to the valley. At weekends, Oberstdorf is a perfect place for a stroll and there are plenty of après-ski activities on offer. In nearby Bad Hindelang things are comparatively quiet. In the ski area on Mount Iseler, families and cross-country skiers will find everything they need. And if you like a thrill, ride a sled down the natural toboggan run.