Germany′s female footballers celebrate higher bonus victory | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 04.02.2011
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Germany's female footballers celebrate higher bonus victory

Germany's women's soccer team will get a 60,000 euro bonus if they win the world championship this year, but it's less than a quarter of what was on offer to their male counterparts.

female footballers

The German women's team are happy with the bonus.

The German women's team will receive a bonus of 60,000 euros ($81,800) per player if they successfully defend their World Cup title this year, the country's football federation said Friday.

"We're all happy with this result. It's good that it was cleared up so easily, now we can concentrate on the World Cup," said Birgit Prince, the team's captain.

The bonus is an increase of 10,000 euros per player compared to the Germany squad who won the 2007 tournament in China.

"Having the World Cup in our own country is a special situation, which we'd like to acknowledge in the form of a bonus," the president of the German Football Association, Theo Zwanziger said, adding that the women should not expect that amount for future tournaments outside of Germany.

Zwanziger broke off the first negotiations with the players after they asked for 100,000 euros per head, according to the Bild newspaper.

Growing pot

German women's football team celebrate 1989 European Championship win

All the team's predecessors won was a set of fancy coffee cups

The 60,000 euro bonus could increase to 90,000 euros according the news agency SID, as the women will also get a share of income from sponsoring.

"I know how conscientiously and eagerly our women are preparing for this tournament," said Zwanziger. "We want to honor these efforts and achievements."

In comparison, the men's team was on a title-win bonus of 250,000 euros going into the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

But the bonus has moved on since the 1989 European Championships, when a posh coffee service was all that was on offer for the women's team.

"It was an unusually nice one," said German coach Silvia Neid, adding that she'd given it to her mother, who brings it out on special occasions.

The 16-nation women's World Cup will be held in Germany between June 26 and July 17.

The association agreed on a performance related bonus. If the women reach the quarter-final, they will get 15,000 euros. An appearance in the semi final earns them 25,000 euro. The women would receive 30,000 euros for third place and if they were defeated in the final, 40,000 euros.

Author: Natalia Dannenberg
Editor: Rob Turner

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