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Germany: Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck heads to South Korea

June 19, 2024

In Seoul, the German vice chancellor will meet representatives from politics and business. Meanwhile, the EU has announced increased tariffs for electric cars produced in China, with Habeck heading there on Friday.

Robert Habeck
Habeck's first stop is South KoreaImage: Michaela Küfner/DW

German Deputy Chancellor Robert Habeck heads to South Korea on Wednesday as part of an East Asia trip. Habeck will then head to China on Friday before returning to Germany.

In Seoul, Habeck will meet representatives from politics and business. The Green lawmaker will be accompanied by a business delegation and members of the Bundestag during the visit.

South Korea is a big market for Germany, says Habeck

Habeck says South Korea is Germany's second most important market in Asia with goods exports — mainly vehicle related — worth around €20 billion ($21.5 billion). Seoul is also a significant producer of IT equipment.

EU targets Chinese e-vehicles with higher tariffs

According to the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the agenda at the meetings with government representatives and firms will include bilateral trade relations and climate change. EU policy is also likely to be discussed during the meetings.

EU tariffs for Chinese manufacturers on the agenda

Last week, the European Commission announced increased tariffs for electric cars produced in China, which is likely to come up when Habeck visits the Asian country on Friday but may also rear its head during the politician's visit to South Korea.

The EU suggests that Chinese manufacturers benefit from extensive subsidies at the expense of European firms. Habeck and other members of the German government have been critical of these punitive tariffs.

jsi/rc (dpa, AFP)