Germany takes over UN Security Council presidency | News | DW | 01.04.2019
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Germany takes over UN Security Council presidency

Germany has taken over the presidency of the UN Security Council in April. Berlin intends to highlight conflict prevention, protection of humanitarian workers, arms control and protection of women in conflicts.

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Foreign Minister Maas discusses Germany's role in UN

Germany plans on putting its own issues on the agenda of the United Nations Security Council during its month-long presidency, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said on Monday.

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Germany, currently a non-permanent Security Council member, is taking over the chair in April as part of a "dual presidency" with permanent member France.

Besides helping the UN body fulfill its role in crisis and conflict management, Germany wants to use its position to "strengthen long-term conflict prevention," Maas said told reporters. 

Monday night's debate in the UN Security Council focused on humanitarian workers who are being targeted or hindered in conflict zones.

"The most important and most noble task of the Security Council is to protect human lives," Maas told the international body.

"Every bit of progress we make here today will have a direct impact on the people in conflict areas. Every bit of progress will help the workers on humanitarian missions. This may not prevent conflicts, but it can at least relieve human suffering," he said. 

Germany also wants to focus on nuclear disarmament and arms control.

Earlier, Maas said that Germany intended to bring the protection of women in conflict zones higher onto the international agenda.

"We will work for better protections for women in armed conflicts and a stronger role for women in conflict resolution," Maas said.

Maas' arrival at the UN Security Council was delayed on Monday due to issues with the German government jet. A tire burst upon landing in New York and the plane had to be towed.

cw,rs/jm (dpa, KNA, AFP)

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