Germany - Looking Beyond Its Borders | Press | DW | 18.03.2015
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Germany - Looking Beyond Its Borders

At a Carnegie Europe event, in cooperation with Deutsche Welle, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier discussed challenges to Germany in the future as a key foreign policy player from Europe.

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Germany - Looking Beyond Its Borders

In his speech at the event in Brussels on March 16, Steinmeier shared his views on the recent German foreign policy report, "Review 2014." "Today's international crises -from Ukraine to ISIS - are not a coincidence. They are symptomatic of a world where the structures of international order are eroding," said Steinmeier.

"As a globally connected society and an export-based economy, Germany, more than others, depends on a functioning rules-based order," said Steinmeier, stressing that "the European Union is the world's most sophisticated example of a regional order. As such, we need to defend it."

With regard to the Ukraine conflict, Steinmeier pointed out: "We need to make sure that the military situation is calmed down in order to set the preconditions necessary to bring about a political process stipulated in the Minsk agreements."

On the tense relations between the EU and Russia, Steinmeier said much "depends on whether Russia will be steering or disturbing the political process [in Ukraine]. The question will be whether we will be able to restore the trust that has been shattered."

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