German Women′s Team Remains Undefeated | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 12.11.2005
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German Women's Team Remains Undefeated

The German women allowed the Swiss only a handful of shots on goal in their third World Cup qualification match. Germany won the game 4-0 and improved their chances at going to the 2007 World Cup in China.


Germany didn't have any problem besting Switzerland

Five months after claiming the European Championship the German national team's clear win over Switzerland Saturday evening put Germany on top of their qualification group ahead of Russia.

Germany head coach Silvia Neid's team dominated the game in front of 15, 637 fans in Ulm, and put the defensive-minded Swiss under pressure quickly, starting their shower of goals after just 10 minutes.

Quick, aggressive German style

"I wanted us to score a goal in the first minutes, and we did," Neid said after the match. "In the first half we played well and created a lot of chances."

Deutsche Frauen legen Traumstart hin

The German celebration started early -- and never stopped

After watching the ball bounce dangerously through the penalty area a number of time and one shot ding off the crossbar, Steffi Jones scored Germany's first goal of the match in the 100th appearance for the national team.

German playmaker Renate Lingor put in an excellent match and helped her teammates keep control of the game. She struck the well-placed free-kick Jones headed into goal as well as a number of dangerous crosses.

After the first goal, the Swiss tried, in vain, to stack their defense with as many as nine players in the penalty area at one time. But Germany were up 3-0 at half-time with first half goals from Petra Wimbersky and Britta Carlson, who also tallied a second goal in the 62nd minute.

Second half slow down

The German team shifted down a gear after coming out of the locker room. Switzerland's best chance of the game came in the 73rd minute when Lara Dickenmann caught German goalie Silke Rottenberg out of position on a shot from 25 meters (25 yards) out that slammed into the crossbar above the diving keeper.

Die deutsche Frauen Fussball Nationalmannschaft qualifiziert sich für die EM, 13:0 gegen Portugal

The German women are the current world and European champions

"After the break we had problems and our concentration let up a little," German trainer Neid said.

Even accounting for the few lapses in the second half, the Germans' 17th victory in 19 international matches was well-deserved. The team's next game will be against Ireland in May.

"We wanted to stay unbeaten," Jones explained. "Now we can go in the winter break leading the table and relaxed."

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